Terms & Conditions

Please read in order to avoid disappointment in store.

                We require full payment by way of cash, eftpos, debit or credit Visa/Mastercard upon collection of goods. Bank Transfers and Cheques will have to be cleared
                before collection. We also require your contact, as well as Credit Visa/Mastercard details, as security/surety. It is our Policy not to supply goods without the
                aforesaid signed agreement (completed in-store) accepting our terms and Conditions.

                Goods are hired out for various time slots (Daily, weekend, weekly etc) as advertised, and the indicative "Daily Cost" is based on a weekly (7 day) hire period.
                Unless agreed, late returns will incur a fee based on the advertised "per day thereafter" rate. It is important that you let us know if you cannot return the goods by
                the due date as goods may be booked out to others and there is still a delay between receiving them, and getting them back into a rentable condition. Some items
                have a minimum hire period (being the minimum amount due irrespective of the rental period). There is also a minimum contract transaction amount which may
                vary from time to time  -  ( currently a single payment of $50.00 )  -   multiple items may be added to make up the contract value.

                We do not do refunds due to circumstances beyond our control. Once goods have been booked or paid for, they are set aside as if rented, therefore forfeiting
                rental to others.

                Equipment is your responsibility from collection to return. Your Rental Period should include time for any cleaning required as explained below.

                Other than the rates advertised on our website, we do offer specials to school groups (as well as other organisations and Church Groups). These discounted
                rates are only available to groups and not individuals (unless taken in bulk). These discounted rates generally include extended time for cleaning.

                We will advise you (by way of the contact details you have supplied us with) of costs (if any)  for any goods not being returned, being returned damaged, or being
                returned late, and afford you the opportunity to settle by means other than the details provided (eg cash). If we are unable to contact you, or you do not wish
                to settle by other means, we will debit the account previously consented to on your agreement. Please be advised that cancellation of the card details provided to
                us, for whatever reason, is a breach of the agreement and is considered fraud unless acceptable replacement details are provided.

                It is also important that all goods are returned in the condition they are hired.  If goods do get damaged, please let us know. We understand that accidents
                happen but you are responsible for damage other than normal wear and tear. We do not always have the opportunity to check individual items immediately on
 but every item is unpacked and checked as soon as possible after its return, and cleaned thereafter, ensuring that the next customer gets suitable goods.
                Damaged goods or missing parts or items will be identified during this process and will be charged for as per the agreement. All of our goods are numbered
                for records and identification purposes. 

                Mud must be removed from Backpacks using a wet cloth or a sturdy brush – Remember to remove your belongings as well as refuse.

                In an effort to prevent Plant Diseases spreading, Boots should be washed/scrubbed externally and underneath – not inside – a nailbrush and cloth and a bit
                of water over a bucket is best – do not Hose down and do not immerse in water when cleaning as that only wets the inside and you may incur a further rental
                cost until they are acceptably dry.If boots do get wet inside, stuff newspaper inside and return them wet. Do not dry them in a drying room or with a heater as
                the leather will get damaged. 

                Waterproof jackets and pants must be wiped of any debris.  (Please do not
 place in a washing machine, and do Do NOT use detergent). Cold Water and a
or rinsing in a bucket of cold water will suffice. Dry over a clothes dryer out of the wind. We will clean properly on return.

                Sleeping Bags are supplied with a sheet liner which is to be used for hygiene purposes. A Sleeping Bag cleaning fee may apply if the liner is not used. We will
                wash the
 Liner on return. Sleeping bags go through a stringent cleaning process after every rental return.

                Tents must be dry when packed, if you returned from your trip with a wet tent, please remove from its bag and air out until returning to us. If tents are left wet in
                their bags, mould will develop, rendering the tent useless. Dnot 
tie Knots in Guy Ropes. 
Please do not smoke or cook food in the tents as this is a fire hazard.

An Extra Cleaning fee may be charged if any goods are returned muddy - at out discretion

Please see our Privacy Policy which also applies to users of our site and equipment.