If you wanted to ensure the availability of specific items for a rental period, then you will be required to book those goods in advance.

A non-refundable booking fee of 50% of the rental value for the period is required.

Certain Items  ( like boots, pants and backpacks ) require personal fitting so a trip to the store in advance may be required.

A booking, once confirmed, forfeits rental to others for that period and can therefore not be cancelled. ( in other words there will be no refund if goods are not collected )

There are Three ways to book :

We require the pickup and return dates, as well as the list of items required to calculate the price. - email or come in to the store to do this.


If you have come in to the store, an amount equivalent to 50 % of the rental value will have to be paid to confirm the booking.


A Quote/Invoice for the amount can be e-mailed to you for payment ( only if you are in NZ ) so that the goods can be confirmed as having been booked.


If you are not in NZ, do not have a NZ Banking account ( or you are in NZ but prefer to pay by card ) :

Credit card details will have to be supplied to us. ( Name, Number, Expiry and the 3-digit Code are required ).

The card will not be charged at this stage ( unless requested ), but the details will be held as security/surety for the booking. ( as they would be under a normal rental )

A payment can be made by cash, eftpos, credit or debit card at the time of collection of the goods, or, in the case of a no-show or cancellation, the 50% booking fee will be charged on that date.  

There are various ways of getting the information to us - once you  have e-mailed your requirements we will make the arrangements.

Please see our TERMS AND CONDITIONS  -  a rental agreement contract will have to be completed in store before goods will be supplied.